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"In one day, Glenn took us from the overview of the process, down into the detail in each and every step, outlining not only how he has been so successful in property investment, but giving a clear, repeatable, roadmap we can follow."
Mark Harrison

BMV property Course Booking Deposit- £149.99 ( inc VAT )*

£425 ( inc VAT ) payable on the day.

Buying below market value is the secret to Glenn Armstrong's success and the only way to guarantee a highly profitable property portfolio from day one.

By attending Glenn's BMV property course you will learn:

  • How to evaluate leads
  • How to asses and value property
  • How to get the best from estate agents
  • How to successfully negotiate with vendors, agents and builders
  • How to determine optimum refurbishment costs
  • How to finance your property deals and necessary refurbishment

*If you are a business it is likely that you will be eligible for 100% funding to cover the cost of this course - call Darren no on 01908 423709 to find out how...

If you are seeking financial freedom, or have money to invest but do not have the time to realise your money's profit potential then call us now on 01908 423700

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glenn armstrong - Events Diary 2009

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glenn armstrong - Profit From Property

glenn armstrong - James Caan - From BBC's Dragons Den  - Now is the best time in many many years to buy property. There has never been an opportunity like this for decades and probably will not be another one for a long time to come

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