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Property Intensive Training Home Study Course

£997 + VAT


“The 4 Day Video set motivated me to what was possible, the 4 Day live event realised what was possible and set my structured plan in action. Before this I had paid lots to learn and do things that didn’t work for me.

With this course I learned why I had lost so much money in Property before.

What I needed was discipline and helping hands.

All of that has come from the 4 Day and I am now in a place I dreamed of and for the first time in my life I have some real discipline and control over my Property and Finance.”

Des Taylor - Sales Director and Property Inverter

What’s In The Box?

  • Eight DVD’s showing “a recorded as live” version of the 4 Day Property Intensive Training Course.

The Course Content:

Day 1
Building Your Property Foundations:

  • Setting your goals for the year
  • Find out which of the 6 Strategies of making money from property is for you:
    • #1 Source your way to financial success
    • #2 Flipping properties fast for super profits
    • #3 Build a 3k-10k per month cash positive portfolio
    • #4 Buy one property, get one FREE + adding 100k to the value
    • #5 Creating a 10k per month cash-flow and not owning any properties!
    • #6 How to protect yourself against interest rate rises and buying a house for a £1
    • What to buy
    • How to buy it
    • Areas for strategies
    • Where to buy for your chosen strategy
    • What areas will work for your chosen strategy
    • Buying Criteria
    • Costs of Buying and Selling

Day 2
How to get your deals:

  • Learn the current marketing strategies
  • Marketing
    • Leaflets
    • Newspapers
    • Websites
    • How to spot the best demographics in your area for your chosen strategy/s
    • Dealing with vendors + Negotiation 101
    • How to do Due Diligence for your success

Day 3
Tools for your toolbox:

  • Dealing with estate agents [roleplay]
  • Building a record map - track your achievements
  • Successfully stopping repossessions and make a profit
  • Finding JV partners [using other people’s money]
  • Advanced negotation skills
  • Title Splitting - Buy one, get one free!!
  • Make a profit of up to 500% [H.M.O’s]

Day 4
Advanced Strategies for those extra special deals:

  • Long stop completions - what are they and what they are used for
  • Option agreements
  • Lease options Vs. Delayed Completions
  • Buying and selling deals [roleplay]
  • Case studies