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HMO Sourcing Bios

Mr M

Mr M is a member of the Glenn Armstrong Property Sourcing Team and will offer a bespoke service sourcing HMO properties offering attractive yields.

As a full time property investor, Mr M can spend up to 2-3 days per week sourcing suitable properties to match your requirements exclusively for you.

When refurbishment work is required Mr M will personally oversee the building works, ensuring all work is completed within budget and completed to a high standard, obtaining all necessary statutory consents.

Mr M will strive to securegreat deals to ensure ‘best value’ is achieved at all times.

Mr M currently operates in 3 key investment areas all within close proximity of each otherwithin East Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. Average house prices within these areas for 3 bedrooms and 2 reception rooms (offering five letting rooms, plus shared kitchen and bathroom) rangefrom between £90,000 and £120,000 for area 1, £100,00 and £150,000 for area 2, and £120,000 and £170,000 for area 3. Monthly rental revenuescan be achieved ofbetween £1400-£1750 for the average 3 bed / 2 reception roomproperties.

Tenant demand for areas 1 and 2 is particularly strong due to a number of high profile employers continually recruiting in these areas.

Theseareas do not come under Article 4 restrictions and therefore there is a lot less “red tape” for any prospective investor to be concerned about. These areas are all currently showing either steady house prices or some capital appreciation, meaning investing in these areas should be a smart move for an investor looking for great positive cash flow and potential for capital appreciation in the future.

Mr Mis able to meet up with you and view some of the properties he has identified as being particularly suitable for HMO purposes due to the great cash flow potential available.

If you require a full lettings and management services this can be arranged. Using his local contacts Mr M has negotiated favourable rates for the complete lettings services, management and maintenance services for the properties.

Please let Georgina know if you would like this very experienced member of the Glenn Armstrong Property Sourcing Team working for you 2-3 days per week helping you build your high cash flow HMO portfolio.

If you would like more information on our HMO Sourcing service please complete you details below.