Property deal for sale in Milton Keynes and a lease option deal for sale in Stoke on Trent

Posted on 25. Feb, 2010 by glenn in Glenn's Blog

Here at G & A Property we offer an armchair investing service where we purchase you 5 properties with approx £150,000 worth of equity with minimum of £1000 a month rental income for £50,000.  We source these properties from various sources like Leaflets, radio advertising and Estate Agents.

Sometimes we get offered deals that don’t quite hit this criteria but are still very good deals at 75% of market value.  What we are looking for is a few select investors that would like us to purchase one property in Milton Keynes and manage it for them.  Please see below an actual investment opportunity we currently have available.  We also have some lease option deals available.

Milton Keynes

Market Value - £120.000 - £115,000

Deposit 25% Paid - £29,375

Mortgage: £330 (using our specialist lender)

Rental Income: £750

Price for Deal: £15,000

This is a brilliant opportunity for investors that want a ready made ready tenanted deal with deposit paid.  We can manage the property for you.

Stoke on Trent

Value £55k purchase price on 10 year option £75k

£3k option fee

You pay legal fees

Monthly lease fee £200

Plus £50.00 per month towards your deposit

Rent in the area £325-£350

Needs tidying up

Other lease option deals available please email [email protected] for details

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