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From Investor to Developer Home Study Programme


How To Make £400,000 Equity From 3 Deals

You Will Discover in the 5 DVD Box Set How To:

  • Accelerate Your Success Using My Strategies
  • My Project Management Approach
  • Build Your Investment Cash Pot FAST
  • How to Get Your Cash Out!
  • Are You Ready for Promotion?


  • In this box set you’ll find 5 DVDs (plus one CD with PDF files)
  • I will show you my latest techniques to guarantee maximum cash return on your investment properties.
  • Watch me run the 3 projects from start to finish - in documentary style.
  • You see exactly what I did, when I did it…. and HOW I did it!
  • What’s more the box set even includes the architects plans so you can study the detail of each refurbishment project for yourself.


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