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Glenn Armstrong Answers Critics On Scam Accusations

You have probably arrived at this page because you’ve seen a reference to ‘Glenn Armstrong Scam’ on the Internet in various property forums. It’s a sad fact of life, that many people denigrate and vilify things they don’t understand.


In these days of freedom to publish anything on the internet people like to try to trash the reputations of successful people. They are frequently called Internet Trolls and often make their unsubstantiated accusations anonymously or simply repeat what other Trolls are saying.


Sadly many of the people making these unfounded accusations are ‘old school’ property investors and landlords.

To be fair, most conventional property investors come from the old-fashioned view that you put your money into property by paying 25 per cent deposits on properties at full market value and then just waiting for the inevitable but very slow rise in property values to grow their investment.And it’s not surprising for people who’ve been brought up to believe this is the only ‘proper’ way of property investment, they might think that a man who has built a £30 million property portfolio in just ten years is doing something illegal, immoral, dishonest - or which is a scam.

But Glenn Armstrong is definitely not a scammer and there never has been a Glenn Armstrong scam. Not ever!

In fact, exactly the opposite.


Legal, decent, honest and moral.

Glenn Armstrong practices and teaches ‘Sophisticated Property Investment’. Because there are much more advanced and intelligent ways to grow a profitable property portfolio. Legally, decently, morally and honestly.

Everything innovative that he does is checked out with barristers to be sure it is completely legal in a country where property law is extremely complex.

And because Glenn has such an impeccable record with banks, mortgage and commercial lenders, all his strategies are agreed with them upfront too.

In fact, banks and lenders frequently seek Glenn’s advice on how they should structure new products to address the growing Sophisticated Investor sector.

Would banks and lenders deal with, let alone take advice from, a scammer.

No. Of course they wouldn’t!


Advisor to multi-millionaires

Glenn has taught and mentored thousands of would-be property investors and developers. He has helped 58 people to become property millionaires in their own right.

More than that, Glenn has many millionaire and multi-millionaire property investors come to him for advice and mentorship because of his brilliance in structuring win-win property deals. Deals that Glenn proudly states are win-win because they allow the seller to get what they need whilst also making a good profit for the investor.

Again, these people are highly sophisticated investors. Would they take advice from a scammer and risk everything?

No. Of course they would not.


Find out for yourself.

Don’t take the word of the unaccountable Internet Trolls. Find out for yourself what Glenn is like and make your own decision. He’s one of the most approachable and ‘available’ multi-millionaire experts you could hope to meet.

Glenn regularly runs introduction days and four day property-intensive courses – you’ll find details on this site

Come along, meet Glenn, and find out for yourself. He could be the one to help you become a property millionaire.

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