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New Investors


100% designed for you the new property investor

Ticket Price is normally £67+vat… but right now its FREE

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Whether you have a lot of cash to start with, a small amount of cash or no cash at all…

This is a day you cannot afford to miss

Whether you are just starting out or have a few properties already, you could be missing out on some methods and tricks that could be costing you a lot of your hard earned money.

This 1 Day workshop is packed full of step by step proven strategies designed just for early stage investors

My good friend and colleague Ashley Banfield runs this workshop and you will discover how to create a network around you that supports every step of your journey investing in property.

  • No experience needed and if you have never even purchased a property before we will show you how step by step.
  • Map out your future with more income and a retirement fund you can continue to add to each every year.
  • Make money when you sleep and make money when others are losing money.

You will walk away from this day equipped with the tools for starting your very own property portfolio, no gimmicks, nothing we haven’t done ourselves.

In fact we will show you what we do to test each new strategy and the intense work needed to make it a success so you can leap frog the time it takes.

To get yourself onto the latest workshop day enter your details in the boxes on the right.

“I have a Burger Van in the centre of Milton Keynes. I am also Parish Councillor for CMK Parish Council for 4 years. I met Glenn at the Wolverton office in 2011 to buy a property with his Estate Agency. I did not buy that house but he very kindly explained to me how to buy etc. It was a short conversation but, believe me it inspired me to buy properties. He gave his number and I have phoned him several times and despite being so busy, he kindly explained if it’s good or bad deal or anything else about property.
??Being a busy person whenever I got hold of him, Glenn has always tried to help. Especially one house I was not going to buy and was going to withdraw from the deal. I phoned him and asked about if it’s good to buy, he explained how it’s good to buy shared ownership for rental use. It was like going in to Boxing Ring for me then.?
After that conversation, I said to myself (this person knows and speaking genuinely, I decided to buy 30% share with all my money in the bank including overdrafts , I only had £300 Left in my account!!) ??I love property business I watched Glenn’s videos and joined in many Webinars and travelled to London to see him speak. ??I’m sorry it’s so long, it’s good that at least I have thanked you.?”


Ramazan Erdogan

“Since working with Glenn we have achieved a great success in our property development business. We have gone from converting small houses to building schemes of multi units, currently up to 10 new build houses and 36 flats. We currently have a forward order book of our own projects with a combined GDV (Gross Development Value) of £7.8m and have another 3 potential projects with a combined GDV of £6m. Glenn has helped us master our time, focus on our core strategy, structure creative deals, use option contracts and exchange with delayed completions, negotiate with vendors, raise equity and arrange debt finance, keep us in check with our BIG picture goals vs smaller key targets and generally been a great mentor to learn from. I know with Glenn’s continued support we will achieve all and more of our 2015 targets. We have also learned about commercial conversion into residential which is a very profitable strategy, we are now employing this in our portfolio of development projects!”


Chris Madelin

“This course has provided tremendous knowledge & I look forward to the 4 Day Course!”



“An enjoyable taster with some valuable tips and strategies. No hard sell on the course, although I have already booked two places and looking to learning a great deal more and putting into practise.”


Andy Goldfinch

“The course is fantastic, full of experiences and advice. I would like to come back again and learn more as the course is really suitable for me. Many thanks to Glenn and Ashley.”


Sue Cai

“Clearly presented, in layman’s terms. My takeaways; Mind set. Important and practical tips. Demystifying area selection and evaluation. Strategies to area considerations. Intro to tools for my property toolbox.”



“A great day, very informative, lots of good ideas and strategies and new methods of doing deals.”



“We found this course very informative and a big eye opener. Now we have to take action.”


Joanna & Fred

“Coming here has really changed my life for the best. Glenn is truly someone who wants to help and is not like other teachers who just sell courses. I wish to become one of his 100 equity millionaires by 2016. After 3 failed businesses at the age of 26 I feel 100% confident that I can achieve my goals.”


Don Ndiweni

“A very informative, clear and concise delivery from both Glenn and Ashley, delivering a lot of information I wasn’t clear on from other providers’ previous courses where pushing products for sale over shadowed the information given.”



“I came because I knew of Glenn’s excellent reputation and wanted to witness his approach first hand. Glenn has a very analytical style, and explains the significance of applying the right strategy in the right area – something that I have never seen addressed in such detail elsewhere. His illustration of the comparable profits made by with same initial sum by traditional and sophisticated investors, as well as developers, was highly illuminating. Glenn is a practitioner of impeccable credentials. I would highly recommend his course.”


Jane Bayler

“It is practical & knowledgeable course. I now know it is possible to achieve what I want from property.”



“Excellent course, both Ashley and Glenn were very free and open with information. For a free day I thought the content was excellent. I will definitely do the 4 Day Course in February. Very very inspiring.”


Valerie Joseph

“Well articulated, organised and clear in getting messages across. I think I would be humbled to get involved with Glenn.”


Ibrahim Sani

“Although I have attended many property courses I found this one to be the best ever. Lots of information shared in a way that I can actually use. A very well structured day which was very motivating. I have several properties already but they are not generating the return I now know I can get. I think I will now be able to achieve my goals as I know how to do it – with Glenn’s help!”



“The course was an informative day where an overview of property investing was covered. It was delivered by Ashley, who is actively investing and implementing all the strategies”



“Great stuff – I want what Glenn’s got and he’s the man to give it to me. Experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for property – oh yes & did I mention all that glorious M.O.N.E.Y!!”



“As a new investor this provided a great overview of the key strategies that can be used for a successful property business”



“Fantastic presentation. I have gained a lot of helpful information. After today I will definitely be attending the 4 Day Course.”


Mo Rahman

“I found that there was an incredible amount of information presented, yet in a way I could keep up. Ashley was easy to listen to, the pace was steady, and it seems everything was covered. The venue was well suited for the event - I particularly liked the framed posters, containing uplifting & inspiring messages & captions. I was not bored at any time, and those moments when I felt doubt or negativity did not last long, and left quickly. I’m glad, too, that I was amongst a room full of mostly beginners, and I found it easy to talk to people. I learned many new things, my energy stayed high all day, and I left the event feeling motivated, inspired and positivised. Almost a week later, I still feel this way, and am very grateful for the opportunity to be part of the G A environment. I also enjoyed meeting Tony & Jamie, too, and look forward to starting my course within the next 2 - 3 months. If you are looking to get involved with property in any way then this course is a MUST. A number of topics are covered by someone who has been there and has the knowledge to help others. Do NOT miss the opportunity! Thanks for everything!”


Glenn B

“This course opens up new & potential money making opportunities in property. Property investment is becoming static as far as the knowledge required to do it, but Glenn and his team have creative ways of doing deals and teaching others how to do it successfully. Team ‘Glenn’ is not in it to make only for themselves, but to help others and to share the ‘love’ This is my aim to do. A day well spent.”


Jacob Akiwumi

“I found the day very interactive. Packed with a lot of information and opportunities which have fed my hunger to increase my property knowledge.”


Jonathan Bartlett

“Very insightful. Learnt a lot. Good content.”


Shauna Henderson

“I believe this is one of the best courses I have ever attended. The course is not detailed, but it opens one’s eyes to how deals can be made with less money. What I like about it is, it is presented by people who have actually done it and have succeeded in it. So the examples shared are real, which brings out the ultimate goodness of the event. “I have always been interested in properties so I hope to enrol on he 4 day course to broaden my horizon. Great course for future investors.”


Ernest Orchard

“It was a very informative & enlightening day. There were few things explained to us that I had no idea existed! I am definitely going on the day course.”


Patrick Anderson

“Excellent day, packed with useful information I’m looking fioward tirecieving the home study course. Also how not o make the mistake I’ve made in the past”


Christine Hunter

“Learnt about BOGOF’s and Land Deals today. Looking forward to the next step and learning more!!!”


Mike McInerney

“A very interesting and informative introduction to sophisticated property investment strategies. A day wel spent & great food for thought.”


Andrew Turner

“Informative. Helped with thinking through what we can do. Confirmed for us that we have made the right choice to become property investors and to work with Glenn and his team.”


Marvelle Brown

“Very impressed with Ashley and Glenn. Very complete, which was a pleasant surprise! Covered a good range of topics with some excellent tips and guidance whilst not overselling any products or services. Great inspiration and inspiration. Overall an excellent day.”


Stephen Robinson

“A very interesting day. Good relaxing presentation. Obviously a very professional company.”


Colin Robinson

“I have learned a lot and would have paid £100+ for the day. I am very inexperienced and want to learn. Ash presented very well, with confidence and in a timely manner. I will 100% be going into this industry and hope to make Glenn loads of dosh …… and maybe me too!!”


Dan Whitehead

“Very useful day so far. Lots of information, without being completely overwhelming. I found both Ashley & Glenn to be great speakers. Looking forward to the 4 Day Course and getting stuck in now!”


Omeed Alikhanizadeh

“Inspiring and terrifying at the same time! We aimed to know more on departure than arrival and although I know why we haven’t succeeded up to now, I am certain this is going to change. Glenn you are very astute & personable and we want to learn from one of the best. See you soon.”


Carole & Patrick Fort

“Good course – lots of info on what is possible. Ignites your interest in what can be achieved.”


Stephen Edelston

“A good full day of information; because only one day, you leave wanting more!”


Roland Alexander

“Educational. Very interesting and learnt a lot. Going to sign up to the 4 Day course to learn even more. Thanks.”



“Informative, easy to understand. Focused. Good Investment of time.”


Lee Gold

“Great introductory course & makes you aware it is not as difficult to become ‘financially free’ as everyone says. If you don’t know something & need advice, call Glenn. Thanks for the opportunity & thanks to your team for everything so far……. Looking forward to the next 18 months & to becoming comfortable and financially free.”



“Lots of fab information on things you know and lots of things you don’t. Very, very informative. Well worth it.”



“Today is my first time and m really enjoying everything. I have really learnt a lot. Thanks for educating me.”


Sarpong Kofi

“Well structured. Good Information. Very encouraging.”



“I learnt a lot on this day. I am very happy knowing what I now know.”



“Great exposure. Great to meet enthusiastic like-minded people who are taking action in property investment. Perhaps my strongest commendation of Glenn Armstrong and his training and mentoring services is that he has been and continues to seriously ‘walk the talk’. He is doing very significant deals in today’s market and teaching and helping others do the same – in practical hands on way. I found the workshop challenging, educational and stimulating. I anticipate this will be transformational experience for me.”


Vincent Abdul

“Very informative & inspirational. Although it mainly focussed on property, the course, (both speakers – Ashley & Glenn) also touches a person at their core and looks into the mind and spirit of attendees, (me at least!!), and asks the attendee to reflect. Very positive and encouraging. The outcome maybe to encourage property investors into strong earnings, but also helps to encourage and build character.”



“An unmissable day of “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know” It’s definitely a road map all in one place for success in property investing. A BIG thank you.”


Imitaz Ahmed

“Well-presented and not too much information overload. Feel like I have got enough information to try a couple of deals prior to taking the 4 day course.”


Vincent & Jessica Kelly

“I believed myself to be a traditional landlord/investor having 3 houses and a flat; this was confirmed by Ashley and Glenn today. However after this one day course, I have learnt so many things and different strategies that I would never have thought of in my life to grow my small portfolio and become a sophisticated investor.”



“I’ve been impatient to get moving, but want to do it right, which is the reason why I’m here. I’m so pleased I didn’t go ahead and purchase property over the last month because I can already develop one property not using equity or savings. A good introductory course I will sign for the 4 day course. Update!!! – just signed up during the break!!”



“I attended the one day course to get more of an insight into investing in today’s market. This course certainly did that. Great content; I would highly recommend anyone to attend who is considering getting into property investing.”



“Very insightful. I have learnt a lot, and this day has opened my mind about property investing.”



“Packed full of content. A one day course that teaches not sells – very refreshing and more importantly……Informative!”



“Great fun, very informative and learned loads and has given me a completely different outlook. I need to revisit my strategy, or should I say, start my strategy.”



“Very interesting and informative. Useful hints and tips to get started in property. Current & up to date information about what really works - now!”



“As a beginner into property and investments I can say that I took a lot out from the one day investor course and the information, I think, is very valuable and practical in real life. Ashley and Glenn are knowing what they do, and learning from someone with such experience, I think is really crucial. I noticed the attitude of the group is “doing now” which is a really good example of just going out there and doing it. Thank you for your time!”


Ion Jernovoi

“I have enjoyed the time spent on the training and it has been very constructive.”



“Really helpful. Has given me much knowledge to move on, sooo pleased!”



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