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Running a leafleting company

This has been taken from the facebook page How to become a property millionaire.
It was written by my son who runs our leafleting side with Simon!/groups/Howtobecomeapropertymillionaire/

‎Simon Wilson And I have been running the leafleting Since May, started it from scratch so it has been a huge learning curve. We are now delivering around 15 - 20 thousand leaflets a week making money whilst delivering our Property leaflet
for free.

We currently have trusted staff, that we don’t really need to check up on, but that has been a struggle to get to that stage.

We initially went round knocking on doors in the area they are supposed to be delivering to, which worked okay but wasn’t time effective.

We now use a GPS tracking system that has been set up within the last 2 weeks. We’re still in the testing stage but you give them a tracker, tell them to switch it on when they start, and then switch it off when they’re done.

We then can access the history of the tracker online and see exactly where they have been, you can near enough see them going up to every door.

Even with all this technology I still think the best way to get them delivered is to use your gut feeling. If you talk to them and you get a good impression of honesty and integrity then that’s great and I would hire them, if not then i wouldn’t.

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