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What Is Rent to Rent?

What is Rent to Rent?

Rent to Rent is simple enough to explain as it is a very simple strategy. You simply rent a property yourself and then rent it out room by room to other tenants. Renting a property that you do not own and renting it out room by room.

Landlords love it because you give them long term security of tenancy and you look after the property and take care of the smaller maintenance jobs yourself.

You carry out a small refurb with the landlord’s financial help and approval and find tenants to live in the property who pay you rent.

Profit is the difference between the rent you pay to the owner and the rent you get paid by your tenants minus your costs which may include utilities, broadband, council tax etc.

You need to find a Landlord who is happy to rent their property to you with the knowledge that you will be subletting to other tenants. They will need to be fully insured and, if they have a mortgage, they must inform their lender of the change in status.

NEVER sublet a property without the landlords consent and NEVER sublet a property until you have all the insurance and lender’s consent in writing via the landlord. This will make sure that all the hard work you do does not go to waste and most importantly you don’t mess your tenants around.

It also one of the quickest ways you can make a passive income with little capital of your own. You take control of a property and transform it into multiple rooms that you let by the room.

We tend to rent out to professional or blue collar workers from companies we have relationships with and who use us on a regular basis. You can also rent out to LHA and other various tenant types – it all depends on your area and what you tenant type you are prepared to work with. Some are harder than others and some are more profitable than others.

Our ROI or return on investment time frame is always targeted at 3 months. In other words we like to get our money back that we put in to set the property up including deposit, furniture and any light refurb in this short period. We don’t always have to furnish a property and we also rarely pay deposits.

Beyond that, the rest is pure profit.

Are you ready to start earning a residual income?

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