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Posted on 29. Jul, 2010 by glenn in Glenn's Blog

Milton Keynes Property Millionaire Glenn Armstrong & Family on Channel 4’s How the Other Half Live

Series 2 of Channel 4’s How the Other Half Live is now just over half way through. This second, six-part, series, shines a light on what it means to grow up poor in 21st century Britain. From the production team behind The Secret Millionaire and with support from the charity Save the Children, each episode follows the stories of two families who are brought together when one wealthy family chooses to assist another family living below the poverty line.

The last programme in the series, broadcasts on Thursday 20th May at 9pm on Channel 4 and features Milton Keynes-based property millionaire Glenn Armstrong, his wife Mandie who runs a successful ironing business, and son Reece, 9. The Armstrong’s have worked hard to make their millions. Born in Bow, Glenn comes from a working class background, one of 4 kids he grew up in a 2 bed house. After several successful business ventures, his luck ran out and the family were left with £800 after losing money on a previous business. Glenn and Mandie worked back-to-back taxi shifts to try and get their family back on its feet.  Now, they want their 9 year old son Reece to have a bite of reality and to learn that not everybody’s daddy drives a Ferrari.

The Armstrong’s are paired with The Mullings family who live in South London in a 3rd floor, 2-bedroom council flat. Mum Marie, shares with her 4 children; teenage sons, Micah, 14, and Miguell, 13, sleep in bunk beds in one room, and 3½ year old Crystal shares her mum’s bed and the youngest sleeps in a cot in the corner of the room. Micah dreams of training as a chef, and Miguell of becoming a footballer: but these are hard goals to achieve in their current situation. 

Marie struggles to make ends meet, taking overtime whenever it’s on offer, and doesn’t get home until 9pm during the week. In this programme, Glenn uses his entrepreneurial spirit to help Marie and her 4 children find a better life. In his professional life, he teaches would-be investors up and down the country in their dream to become truly financially free; at least 27 of his students are now equity millionaires. His personal property portfolio is worth over £30 million.

After taking part in over 100 hours of filming for this 46 minute episode, Glenn and his family not only donate serious money to The Mullings to help with their financial commitments, they also buy bedroom furniture for the kids and take the boys out in Glenn’s Ferrari for the day to their local golf course for the day (where they are able to go free of charge for the future). Glenn is now working to move Marie and her family to a bigger house in a nicer neighbourhood, using his property experience and connections.

The programme has been quite an experience for The Armstrong family, in the relationships that they have built and the help they have been fortunate enough to give to the under-privileged in the UK. Glenn is hoping at the end of the series, to join forces with the other privileged families in the programme and set up an entrepreneurial school/fund where the families will act as mentors to under-privileged children. 

For all media enquiries regarding Glenn Armstrong and his involvement in the Channel 4 series How the Other Half Live, please contact Natalie Whitlock on 0845 225 1500 or email [email protected]. For more information on Glenn’s property business, please visit

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