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Can 4 Days Change Your Life?

Post on: 24 Nov, 2014

I first saw Glenn speak at The Berkshire Property Meet in October 2013. I was struck by his novel approach to investment, his sense of humour and his obvious integrity. I signed up for his four day course immediately. I attended the course in April of this year and was absolutely blown away by the […]

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Project 1 - Money in the Bank!

Post on: 16 Nov, 2014

  We purchased this 1930s built semi-detached property in St Helens. It was for sale with an Estate Agent, but it wasn’t selling because it was in a very poor state of repair. Decoratively every room was a complete mess. The vendors were divorcing and wanted to move on with their lives and so just […]

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There’s No Growth in The Comfort Zone!

Post on: 13 Nov, 2014

When I first met Glenn 2 years ago on his Mentorship Programme, he asked me how hard I wanted to be pushed on a scale from 1 to 10. I said “10” without realizing what I had let myself in for. It was easy to become complacent and without Glenn’s mentoring I would have stayed […]

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Brimming With New Ideas

Post on: 10 Nov, 2014

I have known Glenn for many years - long before he became a property millionaire.     I  am  a successful BTL landlord and own about a dozen  properties.     I had been enjoying my BTL income for some years, and thought I knew it all.  However the credit crunch  changed our business.  So I decided to further my property education. […]

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Property Investors - Deal or No Deal?

Post on: 23 Oct, 2014

Recently whilst viewing various properties we came across a property that needed zero work and had the most amazing gardens you could imagine. All cared for by a lady who showed us her beloved well maintained garden. The house was also immaculate and carefully prepared for our visit on the day. We sat down and […]

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The Property Investors Anti Sell

Post on: 24 Sep, 2014

Dealing with estate agents on a daily basis gives you an insight into a new way of thinking. Estate agents come in all sorts of disguises and can change in an instant if you don’t know how to deal with them nor should I say the words that they speak. Being sophisticated investors is not […]

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Tuesday 2nd September 2014 Webinar Question of the week

Post on: 03 Sep, 2014

This week’s webinar question came from Sean Brett To list to my answer listen to the clip below: Your browser does not support the audio element.

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New Property Investors – How to get started quickly

Post on: 19 Aug, 2014

I have a pretty heavy work load to say the least – teaching, investing and other ventures I am involved in and just lately there has been a very heavy load where I have had to bite the bullet and actually ask for help in reducing my workload and the need to work smarter but […]

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Property Investors Beginner Course for Newbies

Post on: 17 Jul, 2014

Last week we ran another of our beginners classes for newbies who are looking to start a career in property investing or to simply buy properties part time. The key to all of this however is your actual mind set and what drivers you have in your own life. Many of you tell me that […]

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Create positive cash flow when investing in property

Post on: 12 Jun, 2014

Have you ever heard the phrase cash is king? Well in property investing cash flow is king. We have spoken about flipping property for quick returns and the effort involved in doing so. Now we need to talk about cash flow which you create each month with rent received. Buy to lets or BTL’s are […]

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