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Question of the Week - Jack’s Plot

Post on: 04 Nov, 2015

This week’s question comes from Jack, who’s due diligence lead him to this plot. To listen to the question that was asked live on the webinar, click the play button below.   If you want to learn how to make money from property development in the UK residential property market, you need to attend Glenn’s 4 Day […]

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Case Study: Bungalow Property Flipping

Post on: 31 Oct, 2015

Part 1 In this 2 part video Glenn takes you round one of the latest Property Flipping Deals involving a 2 bed Bungalow. You will see how the Bungalow has been transformed into a 3 bedroom modern living space; with large clean, spacious rooms. The property was purchased for £170,000 with £70,000 works cost. It […]

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Glenn’s Week

Post on: 31 Oct, 2015

In Glenn’s latest video on his travels, he explains how he has spent time this week in the London Property market exploring deals in all areas of the capital. From attending the London Property Meet and ending his week looking at a block of flats suitable for student lets.  

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Latest Property Flipping Project

Post on: 29 Oct, 2015

As you can see from the before after video below we have turned this property from a two bed bungalow with a badly shaped lounge to an amazing three bed bungalow. If you would like to find out more about how to find these types of deals and how to get a great and maximum […]

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Question of the Week - Gurdev’s Plot

Post on: 28 Oct, 2015

This weeks question of the week comes for Gurdev, who came across a plot with a block of 6 garages on it. Gurdev then goes on to tell Glenn the numbers on the deal. It’s been on for 6 months, asking price is £150,000 and already has planning for a block of 6 flats. GDV […]

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Question of the Week - Caroline’s Development Deal

Post on: 19 Oct, 2015

This weeks question of the week comes from Caroline, who found a flipping deal whilst searching for property in their area with the potential for residential developments into flats. The property is in an old and dilapidated condition, however this can be used to alter the potential offer price. The property is on for £210,000 but Caroline will […]

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Where to buy UK investment property

Post on: 17 Sep, 2015

As the owner of 243 investment properties and with over 60 development projects running throughout the UK I am always getting asked the following question: “where are the best places to buy investment property?“ My answer is this; “it depends!” Here is a quick video explaining where to buy UK investment I also explain in a second video… […]

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Property multi-millionaire Glenn Armstrong launches HMO sourcing service for advanced investors

Post on: 30 Mar, 2015

A national network of graduates from the Glenn Armstrong Property Partnership initiative is now set to provide a sourcing and management service for advanced investors who don’t have the time to find suitable properties for their portfolios or want to invest in properties in parts of the country distant from their homes. The service sources […]

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What Is Rent to Rent?

Post on: 17 Mar, 2015

What is Rent to Rent? Rent to Rent is simple enough to explain as it is a very simple strategy. You simply rent a property yourself and then rent it out room by room to other tenants. Renting a property that you do not own and renting it out room by room. Landlords love it […]

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Danger Ahead For Pension Pot Investors……..

Post on: 09 Feb, 2015

A recent article I had published in Danger Ahead for Pension-Pot Property Investors Warns Property Multi-millionaire Glenn Armstrong With the April date for people being able to withdraw their pensions drawing close, self-made multi-millionaire property investor Glenn Armstrong is warning people thinking of withdrawing their pensions pots to invest in property that they risk […]

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